Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance will cover everything inside your home. We usually quantify it by saying that if you were to turn your entire house upside down and shake it about, whatever would fall out is covered!

Insuring your contents

It’s such an important part of your protection as it’s all of those things inside the home that mean so much to people and are built up over time.

You are able to add on things on to your policy which don’t come as standard and we are happy to talk through these in detail if you were interested in knowing more. However, the usual optional extras which are taken include:

Accidental Damage

We’ve all been there. Adding this to your policy will cover you for all accidents, including spilling red wine on your carpet!

Personal Possessions

Items you take outside your home are not covered automatically for loss, theft or damage under Contents Insurance. You must choose to take additional Possessions cover for them to be insured.

There is a claim limit per individual item except for phones and bicycles where the claim limit is slightly different. Items worth more than these limits can be insured to a higher value but will need to be individually listed on the policy as specified items.

Outside the home

Items worth less than a specified amount individually such as watches, that you take outside the home, can be covered collectively by choosing a total amount of cover here.

Items of high value

We can get these covered for you too!

Personal belongings individually valued over a specified amount need to be specified on your policy for them to be covered. High risk property also needs to be specified whether in or out of the home.

High-risk property means jewellery, precious stones, articles made from gold, silver and other precious metals, clocks, watches, furs, photographic equipment, binoculars, telescopes, musical instruments, collectors’ items, pictures and other works of art, rare and unusual figurines and ornaments, guns, collections of stamps, coins or medals. Furniture and curtains are not classed as high-risk property.

Personal belongings mean items worn, used or carried by you or your family in daily life (such as watches and jewellery), but not money, credit cards or items held or used for business purposes.

Can I add this to my Building Insurance for a discount?

You can add Contents insurance to your building insurance quote and if you obtain both, most policy providers will look at giving a multi policy discount.

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