The best remortgage deal will depend on a number of factors including your individual financial circumstances.

your home

A remortgage is pretty simple really, let us explain… A remortgage is changing your current mortgage deal or alternatively changing your current mortgage lender – and sometimes it’s both. Most people remortgage to save money, but other people do it to release equity (money tied up in the property).

When should you

Our professional advice is that it’s usually a good idea to start looking at your remortgage around six months before your current deal comes to an end. This is for a couple of reasons, but mainly so that you have everything in place to swap and save money without going on to a higher rate in the meantime.
Really, it’s very similar to swapping your energy bills, and hopefully we can make it feel that effortless too.

Your journey to a new home

We’ve put together a quick guide outlining the journey to owning your new home, and how we make it effortless.

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Residential Remortgage

The process of moving your current mortgage to a different lender is called remortgaging. We like to think we are quite good at it!

We will look across the whole market to try and find you the best deal that’s available. Sometimes, we get even better deals than anyone else can find as our favourite lenders give us exclusive rates that can’t be found elsewhere.

We are able to do all the work for you, we request your current information from the lender, look at the best deals available and then talk you through your options. There’s lots to be excited about when you remortgage.

Help To Buy Remortgage
(Help To Buy buy-back)

After purchasing a Help To Buy mortgage, you will be required to start paying interest on your loan after year 5. To avoid this extra payment, we can try and obtain a further advance from your lender when you remortgage or product transfer with your existing lender (we will advise you what we think is best for you at the time), subject to affordability and relevant credit checks.

We have helped so many people pay their equity loans back and would love to help you, too.

For more information, or to see what you can afford, get in contact with one of our friendly advisors today. Happy remortgaging!

Frequently asked questions

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