Moving Home

Buying second hand or buying a new build? It doesn’t matter to us!


Here at New Homes Mortgage Broker, we are trusted by some of the top developers to run affordability checks on applicants coming through the doors. We are available 7 days a week to answer the phones to people who want to check how much they can afford to borrow to buy a new home.

We work closely with sales managers, consultants and sales progressors who deal with us on a daily basis to get all the financials in place and help with a smooth transition from Hello to Completion.

Residential Purchase

We are specialists in all the fancy fields, but if you just want a mortgage in the most basic way- we can still add a massive value just from talking to us.

Whether it’s a 2 year fix, 5 year fix or a Bank of England base rate Tracker mortgage, you may not know, but there are a lot more products on the market than what you can find by looking online or in your local branches. We work from a comprehensive panel of lenders which is representative of the whole of the market. So it pays to speak to us!

Whether it’s new build or it’s a pre-owned house, let us do the legwork to find you a mortgage for your situation.

How we help with moving homes

Wherever your next move takes you, let us help find the mortgage to suit you and your needs.

Your journey to a new home

We’ve put together a quick guide outlining the journey to owning your new home, and how we make it effortless.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • I’ve been declined by my lender. Can I apply again?

  • I have lots of adverse credit. Can you help?

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